Wednesday, August 16, 2006

NFL on Fox

This is a behind the scenes look at an animation set for the NFL commercials. This is a typical set where an animator sits in the dark for many hours adjusting characters and shooting frames slowly building cycles of action. Shown are two "frame grabbers" (a way to capture each frame for playback) two monitors for viewing the action and a few set lights. Seated in this chair, I was close enough to reach the monitors , the characters, the frame grabber buttons and the shooting switch. It took two eight hour days to shoot this 150 frame scene where Howie pokes Chris with a ballpoint pen and lets all the air out of his fake muscle suit causing him to go flying through the air. These characters are based on the sports announcers from Fox TV. You might have seen the real announcers , they are a bunch of wise cracking sports guys that are really full of themselves.


Blogger Andrew Glazebrook said...

That guys stole my muscles ! :) Great stuff !

5:57 PM  

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