Thursday, August 10, 2006

"Wacky players" (Candy commercial)

In 1991 we did a Sunkist wacky players candy commercial. We were given several Jack Davis illustrations to use as guide material for the sculpts. The sets were really huge and back then we covered almost everything with melted clay to give it that look. The roller was made of wood but it too was covered with Van Aken clay. The big guy in the red jersey flattens all the guys on the blue team. A simple idea but very cartoon-ee and fun. The crowd guys are all clay with no armatures and the further back you get the simpler they get, almost just blobs of clay. After several hours of animating on a big set like this you start to feel like you're really at a big football field. These are pictures I took with my little Pentax 35mm camera back in 1991 and have never been shown.


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Cool stuff! I will definatly be watching this blog.

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