Saturday, September 02, 2006

3 musketeers!

They had foam latex hats with copper sheeting inside, hard plastic heads with "stick on" mouths made of soft wax, and foam latex bodies with metal armatures. Some of the mouths were made of plastic and they had magnets inside so that they would stick onto the faces that had a piece of metal cast inside the plastic. This worked pretty well except sometimes the orientation of the magnets caused the mouths to move around erratically. The most fun was shooting that scene towards the end where the little musketeer nails the crate shut as the zombies go in. I used several arms and two or three bodies to get that fast multi image "motion blur" look. The hardest scene was # four where the Zombies come walking up over the hill. They had really weak ankles and they wouldn't stand up for very long. At the end of the day about half way through the scene I propped them up with little sticks so they wouldn't fall over. The next morning when I came back to finish the scene all the characters were lying face down because they had fallen over. It took two hours just to get them back in position like they were the day before so I could continue the shot. Oh the joys of animation. My friend Kevin animated on this commercial as well, check out his blog at


Anonymous M Flem Jr said...

I Was Just Telling My Dad That You Probably Had To Use Several Arms And A Few Bodies For That Zombie Shot. That Whole Piece Looked Like It Was A Ton Of Fun To Work On. Those Zombies Were Pretty Funny Too. Re-Placing Those Zombies In the Exact Position Must Of Been The Pits. At Least They Weren't Made Of Clay, Then You Would Have To Do A Lot Of Sculpting As Well. I Would Have Guessed The Crate Scene To Be The Hardest, But Most Fun In The End - M Flem Jr

7:42 PM  
Blogger Young Vo said...

Wow, awsome animation. How long did it take to do a shot?

9:43 PM  

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